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Ospree partners with digital leaders to help their customers build innovative applications and services that tackle major challenges.

Meet Our Partners

Accelerate your business by partnering with Ospree. Integrate our comprehensive suite of products to automate and orchestrate compliance processes.

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Techstars, a pre-seed investor since 2006, offers capital, mentorship, and support to entrepreneurs.

RAID Square

RAID Square manages WEB3 risks and co-develops specialized mitigation services with strategic partners.


The League for Security in WEB3 unites key actors to enhance WEB3 security.


Summons Abogados is a premier legal boutique offering personalized service, ensuring clients feel fully supported.

XRP Ledger

XRP Ledger is a decentralized blockchain for business, solving problems and creating real-world value.


Crystal offers real-time blockchain analysis and compliance solutions for financial institutions, law enforcement, and regulators.


Lukka transforms financial crypto data into easy-to-use information for businesses, offering comprehensive data and SaaS solutions.


TRISA (Travel Rule Information Sharing Architecture) helps Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) comply with the FATF Travel Rule.