Enterprise-Grade Data Protection

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Enterprise-Grade Data Protection

Trust is Key

In digital finance, a security compromise that exposes your client’s data can seriously harm your business. Protecting your data requires a number of security measures including disaster recovery, data encryption at rest and in transit, identity and device management, system monitoring, and safeguarding against attacks. Only implementing solutions engineered with a ‘security-first approach’ is paramount to protecting your organization and your data at every layer.

Ospree is a full stack compliance platform that equips virtual asset service providers with a complete client overview by integrating with industry leading KYC solutions, providing transaction monitoring, and enhanced due diligence reporting. The platform includes a robust set of security and data protection features that give you the control, visibility, and the flexibility you need to manage all your security challenges without compromising agility. 

Internal Security

All connections to the Ospree platform are protected with enterprise-grade TLS encryption. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit as part of our foundational security controls; it is then stored in secure data centers around the world. Ospree only uses the highest-rated data centers that meet or exceed the most stringent and broadly recognized security standards.

All customer data on the Ospree platform is backed up and stored redundantly at multiple locations in our hosting provider’s data centers to ensure availability. Our tested backup and restoration procedures allow recovery in the event of hardware failure. All customer data and our source code are automatically backed up every 24 hours. Ospree’s software backups and recovery processes are routinely tested by our technical team every 180 days to ensure that backup and restoration processes, controls and tools work as expected.

Product Security

▪ Multi-factor authentication (MFA): MFA has become the gold standard when it comes to login authentication. With MFA your company can ensure user credentials are safe from identity theft or impersonation by adding an additional layer of security on top of logging in with your password.

▪ Session Protection: Ospree implements the OAuth2 authorization framework. Together with strict session length management protections and privileged access controls, your connection to the system is secure.

▪ Full Audit Trail:  An organization must protect itself not only from security breaches from outside the organization but more frequently also from within*. With Ospree, all user activity is fully auditable and can be viewed through privileged access controls to prevent and discourage bad actors. 

Identity Protection Options: As an additional layer of security, companies have the option to store customer wallet and transaction information in the Ospree platform without revealing their name or other identity-related information. Excluding real world identifiers from the system guarantees anonymity to high profile clients.

Identifying all avenues of risk and proactively implementing safeguards are part of Ospee’s layered security protocols, ensuring that compliance analysts are able to conduct their duties safely. Designed in concert with leading regulatory and compliance professionals, and digital security experts; with Ospree, you can stop worrying and get on with your business.

If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact our engineering team at support@ospree.io

*Note: BBC News. (2014, January 20). Credit card details on 20 million South Koreans stolen. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-25808189