Partnership Announcement – Ospree | URG Consulting

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Partnership Announcement – Ospree | URG Consulting

Ospree and Umbrella Global Risk Consulting (UGR) announce their partnership this week. For UGR, joining forces with Ospree will expand their presence to a fourth continent; they already benefit from representation in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. UGR provides a comprehensive risk assessment for its clients and even supplies emergency staffing to ensure regulatory compliance even during unprecedented times. They are unique in their bespoke approach to matching AML & KYC solutions to their clients needs.  

Ospree’s full-stack compliance solution will serve UGR clients who are operating as Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP) in the CryptoCurrency space. A cloud based SaaS solution with a 24/7 support arm, Ospree can easily be onboarded to ensure regulatory compliance in any jurisdiction worldwide. Companies who choose Ospree enjoy a holistic approach to consuming customer data; and a simple, yet powerful API to make decisions in real-time.

RegTech plays a big part in satisfying compliance requirements for digital asset companies both globally and regionally. Ospree brings complex blockchain monitoring and enhanced due diligence reporting to FinTech startups and enterprise level corporations. UGR provides access to vetted experts and solutions in the industry on matters intersecting Compliance, AML, KYC, KYT, FinTech, RegTech, Blockchain, CryptoCurrencies.

About UGR

UGR is a leading and disruptive Subject Matter Expert (SME) advisory and RegTech solutions provider. It helps mitigate compliance & financial crime risk and vulnerability to regulatory scrutiny in multiple jurisdictions. UGR aims to overcome clients’ risk to reputation and financial crime challenges by customising solutions, combining automated technologies and analytical expertise tailored to specific needs.

For more information contact info@ugrconsulting.com | www.ugrconsulting.com

About Ospree

Ospree is a cloud platform that operates as Software-as-a-Service, offering powerful, integral B2B solutions to create a full-stack compliance ecosystem in only a few steps and without technical complications. The company serves customers in the digital-asset industry, permitting teams to comply with complex Anti–Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) requirements at the global and local levels. The platform provides various modules to automate and orchestrate compliance processes, including whitelisting, monitoring, case management, smart-rules, and reporting.

For more information email support@ospree.io