Ospree joins Global Digital Finance

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Ospree joins Global Digital Finance

Ospree.io joins Global Digital Finance (GDF) to contribute to the development of standards and accelerate the adoption of best practices for the digital asset economy.

GDF is a prominent industry body that supports standards and best practices in crypto asset and digital finance participants. Open working groups convene for Decentralized Finance, Private Markets Digitization, KYC/AML/CTF, Custody, and Tax Treatments. Past working groups have tackled issues such as Security Tokens, Market Integrity, Stablecoins, Digital Asset Market Practices, and several others.

GDF has assembled an Advisory Group that includes specialists from regulators, governments, industry, and academia. The Advisory Group engages policy makers and regulators to advocate industry best practice. 

GDF brings together a global community of industry participants through quarterly global summits. Industry-expert community-led working groups author the Code of Conduct principles, partly in response to policy consultations.

Ospree.io is a digital asset risk management platform that enables financial institutions to create a full-stack compliance ecosystem. By joining GDF, Ospree.io commits to actively promoting the higher professional standards to fuel growth and innovation. 

About Ospree.io

Ospree is a Software as a Service cloud platform that offers powerful and integral B2B solutions for creating a full stack compliance ecosystem in a few simple steps without complicated technical integrations. The company serves customers in the digital asset industry, permitting teams to comply with complex Anti–Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) requirements at the global and local levels. The platform provides various modules to automate and orchestrate compliance processes, including whitelisting, monitoring, case management, smart-rules and reporting.

For more information email support@ospree.io | www.ospree.io

About Global Digital Finance

Global Digital Finance is an industry body driving the acceleration and adoption of digital finance to support the next era of digitised commerce, dedicated to the advancement of next generation technologies in finance.

For more information contact: hello@gdf.io | www.gdf.io